Central city is the main hub of civilized modern activity in the region. It sits surrounding a beautiful cove and has its own harbour which manages all the goods and resources the city requires. The city itself is more of a intellectual hub than a industrial one. So factory jobs are slim, meaning the city has very little in the way of exports. It’s a cosmopolitan hub however, and is the perfect meeting ground between standard beings and the magical.

The city is surrounded by the Furn Woods, where all manner of magical creatures dwell. The city however is protected from the worst the woods have to offer by an unbroken magical bond put in place by the Elf Queens foremothers. To this day the elves maintain the seal of the bond, and in return the city doesn’t encroach on the woods. The only exception being the magical academy, which is sequestered in the woods out of necessity to tap into the raw magic of the area.

Sketch of a typical Goblin hanging out at home. Goblin girls can be feisty, and the boys aren’t much better.

Central City’s small footprint to build in has meant it has built upward at an alarming rate. Soon city planners are recommending building ground layers (like interlaced fly bridges) between the buildings to create more common areas.

A bustling red light district is at work in the city, running without any issues. In fact it’s one of the main draws for tourists hoping to have a freaky encounter with a Furn dweller of some kind (the elves being among the most popular wishlisted creatures). Goblins also make good playmates if they learn to not bite too much, and the occasional ogre has learnt to contain it’s smashy instincts to smash in a more controlled manner.

The inhabitants are as varied as they come, and there’s very little in the way of tribalism among the cities inhabitants. Humans live alongside what we in our world would consider furries.