Uni De Magica is the prime learning institute for the magical and arcane arts. Nestled in the depths of the Furn Woods it takes students out of their comfort zone of the non-magical Central City on the coast deeper into the mainland. In many ways the walking trails to the university are the first test of whether a student has what it takes to be accepted into the university. Many students disappear without a trace, or are found later, indoctrinated into a roving band of beasts or beings.

The Magical University at first appears as your standard medieval castle with six towers. However the sixth is a recent edition built in 1998 after a fire ripped through the school. This was also the time Empathology was added permanently to the curriculum.

The existing castle dates back to the 12th century, but the new block is a modern glass and steel addition with all the modern conveniences. Many of the student housing now resides in this area, as well as administration and many of the library additions.

A journeyman’s degree at UDM takes a standard three to four years spent as an apprentice. From there the most talented students can elect to become teachers which requires an extra two years in a specific tower of study with sabbaticals spent off campus with masters.A teaching role lasts a maximum of ten years, and during that time they maintain in contact with teachers who have ended their term and become masters.

Masters continue their research into magic and feed their findings back to the university which then teaches the next generation of apprentices.


Herbology & Alchemy

The biology of the wizarding world, combining things to create new effects. This class also has a touch of botany involved.

Runes and magical texts
Teacher: Elf(?), Lysan

This class is like History, except if it was written primarily by crazy old hermits. This class is highly technical and has a high failure rate. People able to learn multiple languages thrive here however. Being good in this class is invaluable for students also taking artificing, and requiring complex runes to power their creations.

The class is currently led by Lysan, who appears to be a feminine male elf. However students of Thaumazoology would know that no male elves (in our understanding of the word) exist. Instead it’s believed he is a human bequeathed elvish attributes to better fit in with his adopted family of Furn Forest Elves. When he isn’t teaching Lysan can be found absorbing the wealth of knowledge available in the library.

Teacher: Goblin, Trixie

Artificing concerns itself with the creation of objects that have magical components or applications. This covers everything from wand carving, Tome binding, and staffs. Of course it lends itself to other artifacts as well, swords, magical cloaks and the like.

The class is led by Trixie, a goblin from one of the wooded tribes in the area who showed great aptitude. She herself went through the Uni De Magica system before becoming a teacher. Her personal protects include an outrageous number of dildos and butt plugs imbued with various abilities that spice up their users sex life. Most of the teachers come to her for all their toy needs. Her personal collection includes recreations of just about all the different dicks available on this plane. They’re all also built to feel totally real, down to the actual pulsing veins and magically conjured cum. Suffice to say she encourages her students to emulate her exploits, leading this to be a very popular class for those with the aptitude.

Final year projects for people majoring in artificing must make their own graduation cloak. The quality of this cloaks production will go on to serve as a symbol of the graduates abilities long after they’ve left De Magica. A cloak with poor protections woven into it will fray in a matter of years and let would be customers know that this crafter may not have the best eye for detail.

Spoken arts (spell casting)

The flashy end of magic and a very popular subject. Before joining this class students must have first held classes in artificing or runes, to create tools capable of unlocking their spoken power.


Laymen would call this just regular old zoology, or perhaps beast mastery. Students are given natural studies as well as drills on unique magical creatures. It also teaches the basics of survival and harnessing the various wild energies.


Teacher: Human, Kitty

This is the newest class available, started after the new additions were made to the school. Empathology concerns itself with the unspoken arts, moving things with the mind or spirit projection.

Kitty is the teacher of Empathology, and is notable as being only the third teacher in the role. You can find out more about her here.