Jade the goblin made the mistake of desecrating Hylone’s domain, her beloved grove. It’s time she was taught a lesson.

The Glade was silent and calm as per usual. Waters splashed softly against rocks during their journey, leaves lightly rustled from gentle winds, and one particularly well endowed elf hummed to herself enjoying it all. Normally Hylone would be doing her patrol through the Glade though today was simply divine, too nice to pass up soaking her feet in the perfectly temperate waters and stare up at the sky with a song in her heart. Nothing could possibly ruin this day for the hung Furn elf.

Hum hum de de doo…
La la loooo!

Huh, that’s odd. For a moment Hylone thought her voice had gone up in pitch. She cleared her throat and continued. 

Hmm ha… hmm haa ha…
La la! La la la! 

Hylone stopped humming and began scanning the woods for the other voice, now certain it was not her own. 

La la loo! Hmm hmm hoo!

And there it was. Hylone spotted a small green creature with red hair treading through the trees and bushes in her Glade, as if nothing was wrong with such an action. Greatly frustrated the elf pushed herself up, breaking the relaxing moment that had seemed to ensnare her just moments prior. 

Trotting forward she pushed towards the red haired intruder, her phallus quickly filling with blood and hardening as per the call of duty. 
“Defiler! Do you know whose woods you trespass through?”
The small goblin had her nose pushed into bright pink flower, enjoying the sublime fragrance, before Hylone shouted at her which made the shortstack jump in surprise and yelp, falling to the ground on her stomach. Turning to look at the grove’s defender, shaking from the initial fear, Jade was surprised to find a beautiful, furious, elf approaching her. A beautiful, furious, elf with a slab of swinging flesh between her legs accompanied by a brown sack, heavily weighed down by two large orbs. Exactly what she was out here looking for. Had the elf not looked as if she were about to murder Jade she might be excited. Well, more excited. The goblin HAD to have that dick in her. According to what others have said about it the thing would leave Jade’s pussy absolutely ravaged and pleased, if not stretched out obscenely. 

Jade pushed up on the palms of her hands as Hylone approached, squishing her breasts together with her arms, making them appear larger. 
“Oh hi! I didn’t realize anyone else would be out here. I’m suck, it’s nice to meet your dick! Er… I’m Jade and you have a nice dick! Er…”
The goblin stammered over her words, trying to get the introduction right, but somehow her mouth was already full of balls that made it hard to talk. She was staring at the ground in embarrassment before a pair of clean smooth feet came before her. When she looked up her eyes were wide open, a towering pillar of meat that was nearly as large as her body blocked out the sun, the gaze from the elf behind it smoldering at Jade.
“You shouldn’t have come to my Glade goblin.”
Hylone lifted up the small lust-filled creature, throwing her to the ground to her back. Kneeling over Jade the elf flopped her cock along Jade’s body, the now dripping tip ending just beneath the goblins lips, a strand of gooey pre finding it’s way to her tongue, which Jade greedily licked. It tasted exactly how she imagined flowers would taste. 

The green-skinned intruder was entranced, her eyes wouldn’t come off of the flared, tasty, dripping horse cock, barely inches away from her salivating mouth. Her jaw fell open and wrapped around that glorious appendage for a single moment before the elf retreated, causing Jade to push forward, determined to slurp up all the vivacious elf’s delicious cum. Her mouth found it’s target again, suckling on the pink dick happily. The Furn elf looking down in confusion and disgust, pulled out of the horny goblins reach. 
“I am the guardian of these woods. You must pay penance for desecrating the Glade with your presence!”

Hylone was finished trading meaningless words with the odd girl, her cock was throbbing and eager to dish out punishment. Slapping the appendage down on Jade’s relatively minuscule cunt Hylone wasted no time in lining up her shot, Jade’s dripping flower kissing the fat horse-cock, even if it didn’t seem like it would fit.
“W-wait, as much as I totally want you to punish me and teach me a lesson and stuff, I’m not sure I…”
The goblin was silenced as her opening began stretching around the guardian, frantic words replaced with desperate moans, moans that begged to have their owner split down the middle, never to walk properly again. It seemed as if Hylone could easily fulfill that wish, a burgeoning outline of her cock was already visible in the goblins flat tummy, and she had barely began her descent.
Watching the interloper’s face go through a range of expressions from terrified to flat out depraved annoyed Hylone greatly. This wasn’t uncommon in people she had punished in the past, it was always hard to tell wether or not proper punishment had been served or not. Maybe if she was a bit rougher with them then they’d be scared off…

Suddenly the elf shifted, her cock moving back and forth in Jade, the outlined cock moving rapidly within her. In between her lustful trance Jade barely noticed the new position she found herself in, but definitely noticed the huge brown sack hovering in front of her face as well as Hylone’s delicate pussy. Jade was on her back, kind of, her neck held her body up as her ass was pointed straight up into the air, legs dangling over her face with Hylone mounting the goblins bottom. Using Jade’a legs for support the elf suddenly plowed forward, her entire cock disappearing into Jade’s body, making the pair cry out. The bulging flesh of Hylone’s shaft smacked into Jade’s chin, distending the goblins chest while resting between her breasts. 
“Oh! Fuck! B-be careful or you’ll b-break mee… “
Hylone chuckled softly to herself hearing this. She was determined to leave a lasting impression on this goblin. 

Pulling back Hylone gave Jade barely a moment to recover before she slammed downwards again, balls slapping loudly against the goblins thighs and the tip of her cock nearly reached into Jade’s tiny gaping mouth. 
“I-I said be care-mnph!?!”
Before Jade could finish speaking Hylone had thrusted down further, forcing her greenskin covered cock into the goblins mouth. Hylone held it there for several moments while enjoying the blissful feeling before pulling away, letting the goblin breathe. Only temporarily though, as quickly after her mouth was empty it became stuffed again with the impromptu goblinskin condom. 

Hylone felt her balls beginning to contract tightly, the familiar feeling of orgasm taking over her body as she shivered and began fucking Jade in short hard thrusts, not giving the goblin a chance to catch her breath as her throat and cunt were ravaged by the now lust consumed elf, only focused on rutting the bitch beneath her. 
“A-ahhh! Here it comes!!!”
She screamed, exasperated from the hard fuck, as her dick tensed up and her body froze, hot globules of viscous cum pumping through her breeding tool and straight into the goblin’s cunt. Jade quickly felt the skin in her mouth stretch and expand, pushing back into her throat, filling with the hot liquid that shot out of the incredibly overly potent elf. Her stomach began to bloat from the amount of elf seed, slowly making the goblin look like a future mother of five, her stomach on track to out scale her own body’s size.

Panting Hylone slowly pulled herself out of the goblins mouth, and shortly thereafter out of her cum-drooling, gaping pussy. Jade fell over on her side whining in confused pain. She had definitely gotten what she came for, but… it wasn’t what she expected. The elf looked over the goblin that was making a mess on the Glade’s pristine grass floor and smiled. 
“I’m going to wash this filth away. Untangle yourself and never return here.”
Hylone leaned down and planted a tender kiss on Jade’s cheek before turning away, a soft farewell even though she suspected the makeshift condom would return soon for more.

This art series is yet to be finished. Follow me on Twitter to keep up with updates. Story written by Ghoulrel.