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I’ve returned to complete my getting banned on YouTube speedrun by discussing the most important topic on everybody’s minds right now. Which of the outrageously expensive waifus and husbandos in genshin impact get the most love from the nsfw scene. Buzzfeed aren’t brave enough to make this clickbait, so I guess I’m just gonna have to step up to the plate.

I’d like to first take a moment to take part in the internets favorite pastime, making baseless speculation while ignoring the fact that I could literally find the answers faster than I could make up my own.

But first I’d like to introduce my lovely wife MissyBsides, that’s her real name! To take a look at the roster and give her own take on which characters are most likely to be thirsted after.

Thankyou MissyBsides, for inadvertently making me regret everything
Now I’d like to make my own bets on the most lewded characters.

The most lewded girl will be Mona, because I have superior tastes and why wouldn’t she be. There’s nothing about her design that doesn’t lend her to lewdability. She’s already not wearing clothes and she has tights AND a bodysuit on. Artists don’t even need to learn how to draw clothes to get her right!
Maybe the only thing that will undermine her spot will be the fact that she’s TOO obvious to lewd. Artists know when they’re getting baited. They won’t fold that easily unless the retweets are coming in hot and heavy.

Her competition is a toss up between Lisa and Amber. Amber is a bit basic but she got pushed pretty hard prior to release as one of the figureheads of the game.

Lisa enjoys similar positioning but her overall aesthetic lends her to the BDSM crowd trying to fly under the radar. Let us not forget the internet’s only weakness is a librarian in stilettos standing on their neck while laughing in Chinese.

The most lewded guy would have to be Venti. Because anyone who looks good in a corsette will always be low hanging fruit. Add to the fact that he was the first featured banner at launch people desperately needed to draw pics of him getting fucked as hard as their bank account was.

Alright guessing time is over, let’s look at the rock hard figures. I will not be splitting this list based on gender, this is the all time greats, but spoiler alert, the way things are looking, the boiiis aren’t going to be getting a whole lot of attention, sorry Husbando people, if you want that video you’re gonna have to get on your hands and knees and press that like and leave a comment.

My dataset comes from total tags on the Rule34 image board as of the 27th of march 2021. This list is probably going to change a lot as new waifus are added to the game.

Ok, Starting at number 10! Lumine

Lumine! Otherwise known as The Girl traveler. She’s your first, character, and so it seems fitting to have her start this list. She runs around in bloomers and her boots are pretty rad too. As the game progresses she will most likely gain each of the elements from the regions as they’re released, making her perhaps the most dynamic character in the game.

Number #9 Fischl

Fischl, otherwise known as the verbose electro bow chick who chats with her bird. She’s got the bodysuit with the boob windows going on and the mismatching stockings. I like her style. Also a pretty powerful character, who’s never left my team. Not to brag but, I’ve got max constellation on that sucker.

Number #8 Aether

Aether, or the male Traveler, the inferior choice when starting the game, but who am I to judge. I honestly wasn’t expecting the travelers to make it into the list. But as they can be used as stand-in characters to give an artwork context, I can see how that can fluff the numbers. Also the femboy aesthetic helps him with that demographic.

Talking about femboys, Number #7 Venti

It’s Venti! What did I tell ya at the top of the video. See this is why I’m paid the big bucks. I think I’ve said literally all I wanted to about Venti earlier, so let’s keep this video trotting. I’m not here to fluff videos out to 10 minutes. I’m NEVER getting monetised.

Number 6 Keqing

Keqing, She’s classy, kicks major ass, and is so far the only non-limited 5 star character to get her own banner, because Mihoyo knows what we want, and in return they want all of our money.

Number 5 Barbara

Barbara, as she only shows about 4 inches of skin, primarily located on her face, She’s the gentleman’s choice in white stockings. As a medieval idol singer she spends all her time in the church. Because she’s pure, and she must be kept that way, you animals.

Number 4, Amber

It’s basic bitch amber! She’s the first 4 star you get, and the standard archer for the game. As I said earlier, she had maximum exposure leading up to the game’s release, and I can’t see her holding this position for much longer quite frankly. Not even with those shorts and thigh highs.

Number 3 Lisa

It’s Lisa! She’s a four star on paper, but a 5 star in our hearts. She’s propaganda for making books sexy, and the writers at Mihoyo made minimal efforts to hide the fact she’s a dominatrix who wants to electrocute you for fun.

Number 2 Ganyu

Ganyu, She’s horny, Literally! And a million years old and not even a loli, What’s going on? She’s a pair of legs held hostage in a bodystocking and topped off with blue hair. Also that’s not a ponytail, that’s a mullet gone wild! We’ve had rare glimpses of her ingame in the leadup to her banner, but she’s absolutely stomped it on the charts anyway, proving that late entrant characters can definitely top the charts over launch day characters.

And finally, the moment I’ve personally been waiting for, because I love the moment’s I’m Right

Number 1, It’s Mona by a landslide.

A consistent crowd pleaser, she’s had the benefit of long term exposure to the community and a simple but great character design. Also from a gameplay perspective, you pretty much need her in your team if you want to go anywhere fast on both land and water.

1029 – Mona 5
723 – Ganyu 5
632 – Lisa 4
451 – Amber 4
451 – Barbara 4
444 – Keqing 5
418 – Venti 5
363 – Aether (traveler) 5
382 – Fischl 5
250 – Lumine 5

And that’s the list. 7 Out of ten of them are 5 stars, so good luck getting those ingame unless you’re either a whale or patient.

If you had the choice, who would everyone be drawing? How many of the names did I say wrong? Will we ever find out the answers to these questions, maybe in the comments section below. Have a great day!

I think Barbara will have a strong showing because once again, stockings. But she’s for the more refined weebs. She even has her very own weeb ingame! She shows about 3 inches