The sun was shining through the lush green leaves of the trees that surrounded the soft, dirt path that Doa walked, her red hair and bountiful breasts bouncing gently as her fashionable booties padded against the road and her suitcase dragged along it to her destination, the Uni De Magica. It was already in sight, a large, tall, 12th century castle with what appeared to be a small, modern skyscraper building nestled in between the old stone walls and towers.

She was excited to begin her first years here, planning to study thaumazoology and runes first. Her heart pounded with excitement just imagining it all. As she walked; however, she saw what looked to be a ball bounce in front of her along the road and heard the frantic sounds of paws behind her, she moved to turn around but whatever she heard jumped high over her head, looking up at the creature. Whatever it was it had cream colored fur, brown stripes, long, floppy bunny ears and a long, feline tail.

The creature landed in front of her, grabbing the ball in its mouth. “Ah! Alex! Come here boy!” Doa spun around to spy a thick, female blue bunny wearing a black shirt with the right shoulder cut off and tight yoga pants. Her breasts pushed tight against her shirt and her yoga pants looked like they’d burst at any moment… her camel toe clearly visible if one got close enough. The creature, apparently named Alex spun around to face the bunny, speeding toward her, ball in mouth, running between Doa’s legs, causing her to gasp in surprise as it returned the ball to it’s master, the other woman taking the ball from its mouth as it nuzzled it’s head between her thighs, the rabbit giggling playfully as it did.

Doa was curious, walking back in the direction of the two. As she got a closer look, the creature had a head of brown hair and glasses, as well as a gold collar it wore. It’s most prominent feature, however, was the large, curved fangs it had. It looked like a sabertooth tiger with bunny ears! The bunny perking up as Doa walked over to the curious pair. “Heya stranger!” she called out with a wave, the beast turning back to Doa with an inquisitive look. The blue, lapine woman walking over to Doa, putting a hand on her hip. “You a new student?” the curvaceous rabbit asked with a wide smile, to which Doa nodded.

“Nice to meet you!” she smiled, extending her hand for a shake. “My names mint! And this is my familiar, Alexander” She told Doa, pointing to the feral beast who was already sniffing and smelling between her legs. “I’m Doa” she smiled back. She had to let out a small “EEP!” out however, as the familiar seemed to want to get… “Familiar” with her as it began pushing its muzzle into her crotch, sniffing and licking in an odd, pleasurable way. Doa put her hands on it’s head as it’s licks began to stain her galaxy themed pants, the rough tongue pressing against the thin fabric and against her quivering pussy…

“Oh dear! Alex! I’m so sorry, he’s in rut” she sighed, the familiars cock hardening and growing as it continued to lick her crotch. “I can get him to stop if you want…” she explained. To which Doa could only moan, her legs shaking and trembling as she stood up onto her tip-toes against Alexanders muzzle pushing against her… she couldn’t ask them to stop even if she wanted to…

It wasn’t long until the beast had made her lose her balance, causing the young, thicc woman to fall onto her back, the hybrid saber-feline continuing to lick and lap at her crotch before grabbing onto her pant leg with his teeth, Doa gasping in surprise as he dragged her into the bushes, Mint following after the pair. “Alexander! Be nice!” she scolded him.

Doa’s heart was pounding in her chest…. Wasn’t this wrong? But she didn’t feel like stopping Alex, even as he tore through her shirt. He went to move onto her pants, but she placed her hand on his snout. “NO!” and with that, the familiar whimpering and backing off… she gulped, blushing furiously…. So embarrassed and a little ashamed, sure it wasn’t illegal to do it with familiars as they can provide consent and suffer no consequences from a union of person and beast; but it was still taboo as all the hells.

She swore she could hear her own heart pounding as she grabbed the edges of her pants, beginning to pull them down, revealing her nude lower half. “Let me” she cooed, the four legged male perking up and panting, she only stopped him because those were her favourite pair of pants.. Mint meanwhile could only grin ear to ear as she watched the freshman give into her desires, biting her bottom lip and playing with herself, her hands having snaked underneath her shirt and pants, squeezing and squishing her breast with her right hand and rubbing the palm of her left against her pussy, panting and blushing as she watched her familiar patiently wait for the freshman to finish pulling off her pants.

Doa huffed and gulped somewhat nervously as she presented herself to the beast, now having fully pulled off her pants, her heart began racing quicker and quicker as Alex padded forwards with a happy growl, it’s large barbed cock was at least eight inches long and three inches around! Doa wasn’t sure if she could take such a large member, but the familiar cared not, thrusting deep into her in one go, causing her to toss her head back with a loud moan, her pussy quivering and squeezing around his cock as his barbs flared, tugging and pulling her walls as he fucked her, the smaller humans breath becoming more rapid and ragged, warm and heavy with moisture as she wrapped her arms and legs around the beast, her eyes rolling back some as it roughly fucked her, the cock making her belly bulge as the said bulge pushed up and down her belly.

Meanwhile mint was busy pleasuring herself, moaning loudly as she fingered and fondled herself furiously to the scene before her, she drooled in delight, Alexander breathed heavily as his balls slapped Doas ass, slowly approaching release as Doa teetered on the blissful edge…

They all came together, Mint wetting her pants as her juices squirted against the fabric and Alex and Doas sexual fluids mixing about as she covered his cock in female slickness while the beast shot white, thick hot globs of cum into her, making her belly swell. Gods… Doa thought. If the academy was anything like this… she was even more excited now….

Story by alexander0220