Kitty is one of the newer teachers at the Uni De Magica specialising in Empathology which concerns itself with the strength of the mind and it’s ability to manipulate things in the outer world. Academically Kitty is notable for being only the third teacher employed for the role of empathology. Her years as a student was spent taught by the second, and her post graduate studies were spent with the first out in the wilds. This has given her a unique overview of the courses history, and she hopes to leave a mark on it by further developing the ethics of the craft.

Kitty has firey red hair that falls all the way down her back, and she shares her fashion sense with her little sister Doa, who’s recently joined the Uni in an attempt to follow her big sisters lead.

Kitty’s final, but not least noticeable trait is her gigantic futa cock, which is always clearly outlined by her Spandex. It’s the prime reason most students show up to her class dead on time.

Non Cannon female versions: