Hello, Izzybsides here again, your friendly neighbourhood boy toy. This is a transcript from the video, of which you’ll find mirrors on Youtube and Pornhub. Some details may differ  from the text and the video as I usually end up winging half of it anyway.

Today I wanna talk about how to manage commissions. This one’s for artists starting out that may not have had too much paid work yet, or are starting to get queues and want to know how to manage their workload better.

First of all let’s start with file management. I personally keep a folder with the name of each commissioner with all of their work inside of that. PSDs jpgs, and notes mostly. Sometimes a commissioner may come back to you wanting a backup of their work, and it’s a nice little service being able to give their files back to them if something goes awful on their end like their computer getting bricked. This foldering system isn’t without it’s flaws though, people change their name on discord and twitter all the god damn time, in the folder keep a notepad file handy with their Paypal email address, maybe a couple of their URLs so you can remember where you met them and any notes on how they are about you sharing the commissioned pieces. Usually they’ll mention if they want them kept private or not, and that’s something I’ll leave it up to you two to decide.

Also if you talk to your commissioners on Discord I recommend you putting these notes on their profile there as well, and tbh, that’s where I keep mine if I can help it. It makes it super handy to invoice them later on down the line if they commission you again in a couple months. Simply right click on their icon and edit note or view profile. Only you see this information as well so it’s the perfect time to write down how much of a lovely person they are.

Now, Paypal, always invoice them. Invoices take a couple dollars cut for paypal, but it’s a small price to pay to keep your account above board mostly. Getting lots of tax free payments from “friends” will eventually flag your account I believe. Although don’t quote me on that, all I know is that Paypal can be a bit of an asshole sometimes. When you go to write your invoice I use abreviated terms so it’s difficult to tell from outside what I’m actually selling, although it makes sense to the commissioners. Paypal can clamp down on you for NSFW stuff so don’t write Bukkake threesome with breast expansion or whatever the fuck it is you’re into.

Now after the commissioner has made their payment you’ll recieve an email