Hylone is the sworn protector and Keeper of the Glade. The Glade is part of the Furn Woods, and Hylone was gifted the glade by her elder sister, The Queen of the Woods.
Furn Elves are unusual to regular elves of the world, due to their massive horse cocks. No male Furn Elves have been spotted thus far, but female Furns are known to exist alongside their horsecock futa counterparts and are revered as the breeders. Body type varies, and Hylone strays more to the petite side, while her sister the Queen is as buxom as they come.

Hylone spends most of her days tending to the forest, but if someone were to wander uninvited into the glade, her task is to teach them a lesson via peaceable sex, as is tradition.

Hylone is unsure whether this actually works, because humans that are able to walk afterwards have been known to become repeat offenders.