Constellation lives and studies at the Magical Academy ‘Uni De Magica’ just east of the Furn Woods.
Fortunately for her the Magical Academy is liberal in its views regarding magic and sexuality, and actually endorse her research into the subject. This means on any given day you won’t be sure what her transformation magic has put between her legs.

Constellation is outgoing, and a charmer, and despite her transformation magic regularly giving her massive cocks, she’s never shown any interest in breast transformation (although she’s experimented once or twice when no one is looking).

Her roommates regularly joke that they’re her harem, sometimes people wonder though how much of a joke that really is.

The standard wizarding uniform of the Uni De Magica is adaptable enough to work with any outfit. The only required pieces of garb are the shawl and classic witch or wizards hat. The colour of the band on the hate dictates the year level of the student. Teachers and students in postgrad have no such bands.

Everything after this point is considered old as fuck and no longer canon!

However I wanted to keep all this stuff in one place. So here it is. A lot of this content dates as far back as 2019. So a lot has changed since then!