Hello IzzyBsides here, I’ve got more NSFW video help and tutorials on the way but in the meantime I want to quickly take a look at two new characters we’re possibly going to be drawing a lot of in the future.

That is the new duo called Deep Cut, the two new hosts of Splatoon 3. I heard we got a boring presentation yesterday about all the new game modes etc but that’s whatever, I’ll be playing it.

Splatoon 2 was awesome, but what’s more pertinent right now is exactly how lewdable Shiver (the blue one) and Frye (the yellow one) really are. Of course we can’t forget the third member of the team, the manta ray, who hands down is obviously the one that will be receiving the most lewds.

Btw this post is a stripped back “show notes” version of the video review I did on Youtube, where I riff a whole lot more. If you want the full experience this time I recommend giving the video a watch for a bit of fun. Sorry if the background audio is too loud! D=

I did a quick poll today, the entries are still coming in but here’s how it shakes out on who’s most lewdable.

Shiver wins hands down by a massive margin, 51% while Frye lags at 25.6%. She’s almost tied with Manta boi who sits on 22.6%. Shocking turn out for Frye to be honest, truly proving that you guys can’t be trusted with anything

While we’re here lets take a look at the charts

I have pulled the numbers from an R34 site and ranked each girl based on the number of submissions she has tagged to herself.

Marie has the benefit of being around the longest but still can’t beat Marinas sheere bangability,

#1 Marina (3538)

Marina here, obviously the alpha predator of splatoon waifus. She was just great in every metric. She has her tits flopping everywhere, and she’s easily has the most sexualised design of any of the Splatoon characters.

#2 Marie  (2614)

Marie and Callie look pretty much the same to me since I never played the first games. But Marie pulls ahead. She’s had more time to be lewded but she’ll never catch up to Marina.

#3 Callie (1982)


#4 Pearl 1894

Honestly shocked at the poor turnout for Pearl. It’s the big forehead isn’t it.

#5 Shiver 49

Shiver already has an early lead! it’s only been a day since they were announced when I pulled this data as well.

#6 Frye 31

RIP Frye, will you be the new Pearl? You might be.

If you had to rank your own top five who would it be? Is Shiver going to be the Marina-killer?